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Gay Rose WGR
2007 Grey Mare
AHR *638202
Bahr Exquisite x Dee Desert Rose (xGai Rainbow++)
Leased for breeding
Sweepstakes Nominated
Amyr Alyia
1999 Grey Mare
PR Paradas Jimmy (by Lea Gai Success) x Chiria (by Dreamazon+++/)
Available for purchase
Photo by Donna Shelatree


FS Annjaleena

1999 Grey Mare

AHR* 569125

Perlanes Premier (by Arn-ett Perlane+) x Goddess Fire Gem (by Gai Succession x Gay-Rouge daughter)

Sweepstates Nominated


SGA Macara
2016 Grey Mare
AHR *675756
HH Mac Hawk x Amyr Gold Radama (xBL Majestic Gold+/)
Available for Purchase
Current pic coming soon


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