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Mare Breeding Lease Details

Over the years, we have bred and or purchased mares of the highest quality and proven bloodlines. We are very proud of our little herd. We are offering our mares for an on-site Breeding Lease so that others can have the opportunity to utilize their exceptional bloodlines. This is the perfect opportunity to breed a high quality mare without having to incur the purchase price of one.


Mare Lease Details

During the lease period, our mare will remain on our farm. You will be charged a monthly fee for use of the mare, which will cover the mare's food, board, worming, routine shots, and farrier care. If you choose to use an outside stallion, you are responsible for arranging transported semen, and all costs associated with breeding the mare will be your responsibility. We are fortunate to live near Hunter Stallion Station, Loomis Basin Equine, and UCD, all equine reproduction specialists who are fantastic.



A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve a mare for the Breeding Lease Program. Once you begin the breeding process, a montly lease fee of $150.00 will be charged. You are responsible for this monthly fee until the resulting foal is born. The foal will remain at Sungate Arabians until it is 5-6 months of age, at which time it will be weaned, and shipped to your home- you are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation of foal to your home, as well as any necessary bloodwork (coggins), or health certificates required. For the 5-6 months that the foal is at our farm, there will be no further mare lease fee charged. There will be a foal boarding and handling fee of $175.00 per month which covers the foal's daily handling, worming, trimming, grooming, halter breaking, and teaching to stand and load into a trailer. 


***Note: If you choose to lease a mare and breed it to one of our stallions, we will discount the stud fee by 25%***


Contact us TODAY for a copy of our lease

agreement and to reserve the mare to create your

dream foal!



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